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You didn't start your business to do tax returns

Kilkenny Accounting Services helps you and your business to focus on what you do best by handling your bookkeeping, monthly accounts, Revenue returns and CSO returns. Just as importantly, we help you to understand the finances of your business so that you can make informed decisions without becoming bogged down in VAT, payroll and regulations. We deliver an on-site bookkeeping service on a regular or ad hoc basis, depending on your needs. And since we’ve been helping businesses in Leinster with their bookkeeping requirements since 2006, you know you’re in good hands.

So, if you are operating as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, please contact us to see how we can provide help in a way that’s tailored to your business.

Our Services

Kilkenny Accounting Services provides on-site bookkeeping and accounting services for businesses in the Kilkenny, Carlow and Wexford areas. We can help you with many aspects of your business, in particular:


  • Purchase ledger - process supplier invoices, reconcile accounts monthly and make payments
  • Sales ledger - Raise customer invoices, allocate receipts and issue monthly statements
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payroll - Process monthly, fortnightly & weekly payroll, calculate holiday & public holiday entitlements, BIK

Monthly financial accounts

  • Monthly profit & loss and balance sheet.
  • Accounts are produced to audit-ready standard and we will liaise with auditors to finalise year-end accounts.

CSO returns

  • Monthly retail enquiries

Credit control

  • Process credit applications
  • Follow up on outstanding debts

Revenue returns

  • VAT
  • payroll taxes
  • RCT
  • Intrastat and VIES returns

New business consultation

We will happily work with your existing systems e.g. Sage, Thesaurus, TAS Books, Big Red Book, Excel, however we can also recommend a system that will suit your needs if you don't have anything in place yet.

Business Sectors

We work with clients in a wide variety of business sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Pharmacy
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Agribusiness
  • Private Health Practitioners


Kilkenny Accounting Services has an established track record of competence, reliability, professionalism and personable relationships with our clients as evidenced below.

The Wolfe Group has used Diana and Kilkenny Accounting Services for accounting and finance support since January 2015. The service that Diana provides is of exceptional quality. She is extremely professional, reliable and effective with regard to the accounts and finance function. We use Diana’s service with respect to management accounts preparation and annual financial statements preparation. Having her taking care of this aspect of our business has saved us considerable time, effort and money and it has freed us up to concentrate on running our business and carrying out our core functions. We would have no hesitation in recommending Diana and Kilkenny Accounting Services.

Joe Wolfe Joe Wolfe
The Wolfe Group

Diana provides a very personal, professional service and is excellent at the technical side of what she does. What makes Diana exceptional though is her approach. She cares about her clients and people in general. As a result she takes the time to understand your business and is a pleasure to work with. Top quality accounting with a friendly personal approach. What more could you ask for? She answers questions and explains various accounting related issues in a meaningful, non-technical way. I highly recommend her as an extremely competent, trustworthy and efficient person.

Trish Duffe Trish Duffe
Rothe House and Garden

I’ve known and worked with Diana Fitzgibbon continuously for 11 years. She is incredibly professional, thorough, honest and reliable, which allows us to focus on our business, completely confident that the accounts are being managed expertly. We would have no hesitation in recommending Diana to anybody looking to outsource their accounting requirements.

Noel Heary Noel Heary
Irish Power and Process Ltd.

For many years, I struggled to do the pharmacy accounts myself, until Diana was recommended to me by our accountant. It has made my life so much easier to have the bookkeeping, company accounts and returns to Revenue done by her in a timely and efficient manner. I enjoy working with Diana and look forward to her days with us.

Mary Harrington M.P.S.I. Mary Harrington M.P.S.I.
Harringtons Pharmacy, Castlecomer


Why choose Kilkenny Accounting Services?


Your company is in safe hands with us. We have over 30 years of experience working in the bookkeeping and accounting services sector. This includes helping to establish high-profile hotels and pubs in Dublin.

Since coming to Kilkenny in 2006, we've worked steadily with a select group of clients in hospitality, pharma, training, agribusiness, retail, culture and more. With a wealth of experience in different business sectors, we won't have any issues adapting to your business needs

Advanced services

With so much experience, Kilkenny Accounting Services can offer far more in the managment accounting space than a normal bookkeeper.

Exceptional quality

When we prepare books, we prepare them to audit-ready standard. This has the effect that your auditors will need less time to sign off on year end accounts, costing you less time and money.

Every business has it's quirks or special requirements so, of course, we'll liase with your auditors to make sure all your requirements are taken into account.

We work on site as and when you need us

We come to you so you don't need to take time out of running your business. Yes, Covid-19 has complicated this practice a little, but we've found with sensible precautions we can ensure that you, your staff and we remain safe. However, if that's not an option for now, we can work remotely.

Working on-site also means that we don't have the large overheads that the big bookkeeping services have, making our services more reasonable than you might imagine given the quality of service that we offer.

Take a moment to phone or email us so we can discuss your business and how we can help it, especially in this challenging time.

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Simply put, having a good bookkeeper gives you more time to concentrate on running your business; the part that you're best at, enjoy the most and that actually makes you money. However, there are more advantages to having a good bookkeeper…

Effective bookkeeping provides visibility

An experienced bookkeeper will help keep your finger on the pulse of your business' finances. You will always know the status of your cash flow, where your revenue is coming from, which invoices are falling due for payment upcoming and who is late paying you. You won't ever have to wonder if you're making a profit, if your costs are under control or if there is a tax deductible expense which you've forgotten about.

Bookkeepers reduce stress

Just as importantly, outsourcing your bookkeeping to Kilkenny Accounting Services will remove the burden of processing payroll accurately and relieve the stress of fulfilling your legal obligations to Revenue and CSO.

Work smarter

As an entrepreneur, you have certainly heard the phrase "Work smarter, not harder." Engaging a bookkeeper is one key way to do that. Expert bookkeeping professionals, like Kilkenny Accounting Services can go further to provide you with the key financial insights to reduce costs and increase profitability, as well as keeping your books in order more accurately and more efficiently. That frees up your valuable time and arms you with the knowledge to manage your business better than ever.

Should I outsource my bookkeeping and accounting needs?

Yes! But let's qualify that. Many small businesses don't need a full time bookkeeper or accountant. We can do your books once a week, once a month or on an ad hoc basis, whichever suits best. You, or whoever currently does your books, can then focus on more useful tasks that drive revenue and you don't need to hire an additional employee. Call (087 776 7057) or email us so we can discuss your needs.

I already have an accountant, why do I need a bookkeeper too?

Ultimately it's better value for money. Kilkenny Accounting Services has many years of experience, which means that your accounts can be prepared to an audit-ready standard (something that most bookkeepers cannot boast). As a result, your accountant will typically need to make few or no changes and therefore, will cost you less. That means you can afford to spend more time with your accountant on areas where they are most effective, such as business strategy.

What to look for in a good bookkeeper


Your bookkeeper/accountant will be privy to some of your company’s most sensitive information so, above all else, trust is key.


Your new bookkeeper needs to understand your business to be effective, so there is always a period of learning when they begin working with you. Experienced bookkeepers like Kilkenny Accounting Services will be able to adjust more quickly than someone less experienced. Later, when working on the day to day tasks, a bookkeeper with the breadth and depth of knowledge that we have, will be able to handle the trickier solutions that a new bookkeeper will struggle with.

Communication skills

Your bookkeeper will be working with your creditors trying to get you better terms when necessary and following up with debtors where payments to you are due or late. It’s critical that your bookkeeper can handle these situations with grace to ensure a positive, long-lasting relationship.

Equally, a big part of the day-to-day is making sure all incomings and outgoings align, which sometimes involves delicate conversations with staff. With years of experience behind us, Kilkenny Accounting services can ensure that any clarifications are made without anyone feeling defensive.

In both cases, excellent communication skills are crucial.

Choosing the best bookkeeper

There are many technical skills required which are implied in the term bookkeeper, and most competent bookkeepers should have most of those skills. What is trickier however, is to find a bookkeeper with integrity, experience and excellent communication skills. That is someone who will be a true asset to your business, can bring real business value and not just be a nameless, faceless service provider.

Take a minute to get in touch and see how we can help.

As a startup, when should I think about engaging a bookkeeper?

Entrepreneurs have to juggle a lot, but it's important not to let anything slip through the cracks. The last thing you need is a bigger Revenue bill than expected, or to find yourself running out of cash.

If you don't have any bookkeeping or accountancy experience, then we would advise to consult with us as soon as possible. It's far better to have a little professional help early on to set up your accounting system correctly. Depending how brisk your business is initially, you might not need our services often, but you'll know that everything is ready to go and that we're there to support you when you need us. It’s not as expensive as you think and it saves time and stress in the long run.


Let's talk! Feel free to contact us by phone, email or the contact form below.

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